Double Side Coater

This spin coating machine is a manually handled system for hard coating of both sides (concave/convex) of organic ophtalmic lenses.

Manual cleaning before coating suffices and operating the system is very simple.

The standard spin coating system DSC 200 MUV has a high energy UV bulb for curing. An oven for thermo curing is optionally available.

Servicing and maintenance is almost zero. There are no electronics in the machine which makes it an excellent choice for developing countries. The units can be turned off when they are not needed.

In combination with a laminar flowbox (optional) an expensive clean room is not necessary. Additionally with certain lacquers no air conditioning is needed.

All these features make investment and running costs very low.

Conception and production in Germany guarantees high quality and good service.

For more information please contact System Technik.



approx. 30–40s (after lens cleaning)
UV Curing Time:
30–45s (one-sided)
Power range:
Concave -12.00 and more
Convex 9.00 and more
Compressed air pressure:
Lens diameter:
Turning speed:

Electrical power

Spin unit:
240V at 5A (110V on request)
UV Curing unit:
380V/440V at 12A (three phase, 240V on request)

Weight and dimensions

Spin unit58cm77cm160cmapprox. 80 kg
Control unit58cm58cm154cmapprox. 60 kg